The major difference between a weak player and a strong player is what they perform after a poker sessions.

Strong players will see back their poker hands

They examine spots carefully in high hand poker and play their game perfectly. Once the strong player discovers a leak, they just plug it in a preparation for the upcoming time a same spot happens.

Weak players play poker hands and forget on them

They place themselves in hard spots and fail to create the adjustments depend on previous errors.

A practical and a short five step routine that you can utilize to examine your poker hands

You can utilize this routine to learn after a session in order to warm up before the session or whenever you feel like performing some productive off table work.

The following are advanced ways for examining the hand poker from a theoretical viewpoint that would assist you find the leaks in your complete strategy.

  • Record hands

It is imperative for any poker player who considers this game severely to record the histories of hands. Definitely, this is not possible for live players. For online players, there are several programs available such as Hand2Note, Holdem manager, Poker Tracker, etc.

  • Make a hand history and find the hard spot

Format your histories of hand at each time, so they are very simple to read, particularly if you post on public forum.

  • Run the numbers

If you are a passionate hand poker player, you must have a program that can measure the equities. There are lots of program that can perform this such as poker equilab, poker stove, flopzilla, etc.

  • Consider note of your raze reply

Create a physical or mental note on what your discernment says on this spot.

  • Consider the diverse ideas

When I learn, I found it very supportive to take the ideas of few diverse player forms such as the realist, the pessimist, and the optimist.