Video: Visit to Dublin by Private Manning’s family, November 2013

Correction and apology

The article below makes reference to Chelsea Manning passing through Ireland’s Shannon airport en route to Iraq.

We now know from direct communication with Chelsea that this was not the case and that she did not pass through Shannon airport at any time, although nearly 2.5 million other US soldiers have done so. The use of Shannon by the US military is an ongoing and contentious issue in Ireland.

The information apparently came from a member of Manning’s Unit and was passed onto us in good faith by a trusted source. We apologise for this error and any confusion it has caused.

PMFF, May 2015

Video by Dave Donnellan of the visit by four members of Chelsea Manning’s Welsh-Irish family to Dublin.

Afri was proud and delighted to host a series of events and meetings in solidarity with imprisoned Chelsea (Bradley) Manning’s mother Susan, Aunts Mary and Sharon, and Uncle Kevin. The family travelled from their home in Haverfordwest, South Wales, to Dublin, the birthplace of their father. In what is a continuing indictment of the Irish Government’s subservience to US power, Pvt. Manning had transited through Shannon on the way to the war on Iraq… was subsequently tortured in Kuwait and Quantico and is now serving 35 years imprisonment in Ft. Leavenworth, Kansas, for courageously exposing the horrors of the endless U.S ‘war on terror’.

See, listen, read more…

Interview by Ruairí McKiernan with Susan Manning, Sharon Staples, Mary Murray and Kevin Fox (Chelsea’s mother, aunts, uncle) is available in full here (audio):

Ciaron O’Reilly street speaking at Speakers’ Corner, Temple Bar:

‘Giuseppe Conlon’ song by Joe Black:

‘Free Bradley Manning’ song by RoJ Whelan:

The video features interviews with:

and extracts from the Collateral Murder video suppressed by the US military and leaked by Private Manning:

The family with Gerry Conlon in Dublin (photo by Tatyana Turchina)


Donate to support Chelsea’s family with the cost of prison visits from Wales to Kansas.

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