‘Free Manning’ rugby ball signed by Julian Assange – we have a winner!

01 ball signed by julian assange

At the beginning of November, as the Rugby League World Cup 2013 got underway with teams including Wales, USA and Australia, WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange signed a rugby ball in solidarity with Chelsea Manning.

Pictured below: Chelsea’s Mum Susan with the signed ball outside the Irish Parliament late November alongside Irish-Australian Manning supporter Ciaron O’Reilly.

susan ciaron rugby ball

We held solidarity vigils at the Wales vs USA match in Wrexham on 3 November and again at the Australia vs USA match on 16 November. The World Cup was eventually won by Australia.

People donating to the Private Manning Family Fund in November and early December were entered into the draw. During the time the draw was running, over £500 was received into the fund.

Out of the hat yesterday came the winning name:

Ciaran Kovach.

Ciaran is a student at Aberystwyth University who came along to see the excellent uni. production of The Radicalisation of Bradley Manning a few weeks ago.

Congratulations Ciaran! The ball is currently with Royal Mail and should reach you in a few days.

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