Aberystwyth University students perform Manning play for family members. Donations collected for Family Fund.

The Radicalisation of Bradley Manning – a family affair

Chelsea Manning’s mother, aunts and uncle were among those who came to Aberystwyth University’s Foundry Studio last week to see third year Theatre Studies students perform Tim Price’s play The Radicalisation of Bradley Manning, directed by tutor Charmian Savill.

Afterwards, family members met with the cast, sharing their thoughts about the play and some memories before having a group photo taken that will be posted to Chelsea in time for her birthday in December.

family and cast meet 07 cropped

The play was hard-hitting, emotionally draining for actors and audience alike and must have been particularly difficult for Chelsea’s family to watch, but they came out feeling positive about the message it had given and impressed with the dedication of the young actors who had put so much into the performance.

Manning Family Fund stall

Members of the WISE Up network and the Manning Family Fund had been invited to have a stall in the venue foyer. We were assisted each night by Ian of CAAB, an organisation that has consistently supported Manning.

06 table

By the fourth and final night of the show, we had collected £165 in donations to the Manning Family Fund. This money will be passed on to the family to defray the cost of travel to the US for prison visits.

Out and about in Aberystwyth

While in Aberystwyth, we took the opportunity to distribute our new flyers around town and to get the banners out for an airing, on the footbridge over the Penglais Road…

01 banners

…and the following day up at the top of Constitution Hill in the sunshine.

08 up the hill with banner

More photos in this flickr set.

It would be great if other universities and colleges followed suit and put on their own productions of this contemporary and hugely relevant play as the real life narrative of Chelsea Manning, jailed for 35 years for revealing war crimes the US had tried to cover up, continues to unfold.

Donate to Manning Family Fund

cast and flag

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