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donate image for websites lgPrivate Chelsea (formerly Bradley) Manning was sentenced in August 2013 – after three years of pretrial detention and some very serious mistreatment – to 35 years imprisonment for revealing to the world evidence of the true nature of the wars being fought in Iraq and Afghanistan, the ‘war on terror’ and US interference in countries around the globe. This included evidence of war crimes, e.g. the collateral murder video. Read more here. For the past three years here in Wales, Ireland, Scotland and England (WISE), we have been standing in solidarity with Pvt. Manning, who has Welsh and Irish roots and many family members still living in Wales. This site has been set up to encourage support for Pvt. Manning’s family, who face years of expensive trips to the US to visit their loved one in prison. Please give what you can and join us in our fundraising efforts. Click the button to see the donation options.

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